We all know the costs of long term care can be devastating and are only going to increase year after year. Without putting a plan in place to protect your loved ones and assets, the costs can easily spiral out of control to the point of spending all of the money you’ve worked so hard to save, on long term care. 

One time initial membership fee
Discount for couples
Discount for those with long-term care policies
Fee varies based on age
100% tax deductible – considered prepaid medical
Flexible payment plan

Monthly dues
Discount for couples
Roughly 63%-67% tax deductible depending on medical versus non-medical services used

Unlike Long Term Care Insurance, you are covered from day one of being a member. No exclusionary period, no extended wait times or out of pocket costs, no more having to have more than one activity of daily living be affected before you can receive any assistance. There is also no limit on number of years services are provided. We deliver the help you need, when you need it